Land: How do I purchase land?

To purchase land, click:


This can be found at the top of the screen. 

Select the tiles you wish to purchase (please note that each country has its own New Land Price which may vary over time).

Click  to clear your selection if you wish to reselect your tiles.

You may have the option to buy either T1, T2 or T3 tiles. There are different benefits to each of these tiers (see white paper for details). Click on the 'Buy T1', 'Buy T2' or 'Buy T3' button to begin the payment process. 

The total price is calculated by multiplying the number of tiles selected by the current price per tile for the country/tier. Now Enter the Referral Code SAVEME75 and hit Apply do receive a discount on this price.

Now select the preferred payment method in the Payment section and click on 'Pay Now'. Complete the payment instructions and the land will be assigned to your account.

[Date Created: 1/17/2024 5:30:29 AM]