News: What is Shanes riddle?

On the 25th April 2021 Shane Isaac (Earth2 Founder) posted the following riddle on Twitter/X:

He then reposted this on 25th April 2022.

Since this time he has provided very few clues as to the answer (see below) but to this day nobody has solved it.

KET POINTS (based on Shanes comments below)

1. The second part of the post is the riddle (it is "separate for a reason").

2. You do not need to buy anything in Earth2 to solve it.

3. It can be answered by posting an answer under Shanes original tweet. Shane checks his post "from time to time" to see if someone has guessed correctly.

4. The prize has been classed as "big" and "considerable".

5. Its not possible to answer with one word.

6. Shane wants to set up in E2 a place where you can submit your answers and if successful the reward will  "unlock". This suggests that the prize is land or E$.

7. If you solve it you "will know what to do".

8. Everything needed to solve the riddle has already been provided.

9. Shane has stated that "there is an answer for now". This indicates that the answer could possibly disappear in time.

OBSERVATIONS (things to consider)

1. Why is there a y? The riddle seems to make more sense without it so does it have a meaning. Could it be a form of "art or treasure" that ends with a y (e.g. PoetrY, PhotographY, PotterY, etc)? Perhaps it is there just to make the riddle sound more Piratey (treasure hunt) "yaaar". 

2. Why is "a prize of old" in speech marks. This would make more sense without them so perhaps they have purpose.

3. As there is an "answer to the riddle" and it is not something you need to do, the word claim is likely short for proclaim (defined as: announce officially or publicly).

4. The post was published on ANZAC Day and reposted again the following ANZAC Day. As a result the answer could be ANZAC themed.

(these are the key comments Shane has provided since the post)