Raiding: How do I start raiding?

To be able to raid you must first have purchased a 4 tile property or larger.
You must also have either built and powered a Cydroid on it or purchased one from the marketplace.

To launch a raid first go to the map and click on:

This is located in the top left of your screen and will display the raid menu.

Now use the Search Properties tool to find your property.

Next you need to click on  to expand the raid menu.

You may see the charge button lit up at this stage. This means that you need to charge your Cydroid as it is not at full charge. Click on this button to begin charging:

Click on the Raid button to see your Cydroids charging progress:

The current charge is shown under your Cydroid:

In this example the Cydroid is 9% charged.

Once charged, scroll down and you will see a list of properties that are within range of your property for raiding. 
You can increase your Cydroids range later by slotting jewels and boosting its performance.

Click on the circle/bullet on the left of the property you would like to raid.

Now click on  to send your Cydroid to the property.

If your raid is successful it will return and you will be given the option to dispense your raided E-ther on the button next to the Charge button.

This process can be automated by introducing Civilians to the property.

For more information visit:

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