Resources: How do I add resources to my property?

Resources are allocated to properties if they are present at a properties location in the real world.

For example this property is located on top of the Catoca Diamond Mine in Angola.
As a result it has been assigned the resource Diamond (HF).

(Note: HF stands for High Frequency. You may also see UF which stands for Undefined Frequency.)

If you own a property and are aware of a resource that is not shown you have to raise a claim.
In the drop down menu in the top right hand coner of your screen you will find the following option:

This will take you to the location where claims can be created.
To create a claim click on the following button:

 and then 

Select the resource you wish to claim for using the provided drop down menu:

Select the property you wish to claim the resource on:

Provide proof that the resource is present at your properties location.
For example links to a article or a mining news article.
You may want to attach documents (e.g reports/images) that also support your claim.

You may wish to stake some of your essence when submitting the claim. This is optional.
If your claim is successful you will receive your essence back with an additional percentage reward.

Finally click on the SUBMIT CLAIM button to initiate the claim.
The Resource Validation Team will now review it and you will be notified if you are successful.

[Date Created: 2/23/2024 5:34:02 AM]