Resources: What is an Occurrence Unit (OU)?

Resources are collected from properties in the form of Occurrence Units (OU).

You can only collect the resources that are found on your property.
Details about which resources your property has can be found in the drop down menu on the right of the BUY LAND screen:

The quantity of each resources OUs on your property is either High Frequency (HF) or Undefined Frequency (UF).  

Some resources can be collected by the properties Mentar and others require a specific Cydroid to collect.
Further details about this can be found on the Ecosim Requirements page.

Currently (Feb 2024) we are unable to collect the Occurrence Units but in the near future we will be required to slot jewels in to our mentar and cydroids to activate the collection capability. Details about which prime jewels will be required can also be found on the Ecosim Requirements page.

[Date Created: 2/21/2024 7:49:37 AM]